Friday, October 21, 2011

A new e-mail from Peru...finally!

Sorry I didn't e-mail on Wednesday! Our p-day got switched to Friday for just this week, but we found out about it on Monday and never had a chance to let our families know. Lame. The schedule here is incredibly frustrating. It's always changes. They require us to write down the schedule for the next day in our planners every night, but it's stupid because 95% of the time the schedule is wrong, and so basically we never really know what we're supposed to be doing. It bothers our teachers too. I don't get why it's so unorganized here. bleh. So, sorry about that. I can guarantee that I would never forget to e-mail you guys, so if I ever don't e-mail you on my p-day it was because for some reason I wasn't able to. Next week it'll be on Wednesday again (at least that's the plan so far, but I never know).

I got mail today!!! FINALLY! Thanks family! I got mail basically every single day in Provo, and up until today I had only got one piece of mail the entire time I've been here. That change is no bueno. Mail is frustrating. It's weird too that every letter I get is like at least nine days old. I'll try to reply to as many as I can, but it's weird because you'll get them like a month after you wrote me. Odd. But it's all good. It felt so good to finally read some letters, even if they were all asking me questions I already answered in my e-mail last week because they're so old!

So is my lil' bro a priesthood holder yet? It was pretty frustrating to not be able to talk to him on his birthday or find out if we was ordained a Deacon this Sunday. Hope your birthday was awesome Sam! Sorry I can't send presents. I'll still be in the MTC on my birthday and I won't be able to get any presents either. Sad time!

K, this e-mail is sounding a little too depressing for how not-depressed I'm feeling. Sorry about that! There's not a whole lot new that's good. All that's new is kind of dumb so that's mostly what I have to share.

Good news time!

I'm getting a lot more comfortable with teaching in Spanish. Tuesday I was teaching with Elder Paredes and I spoke so much more than I ever had before, and we totally committed our "investigator" to be baptized! Haha. Win. Since then most of my lessons have been pretty good. Also, they other night Elder Marker and I were practicing teaching with two sisters in our district, Hermana Steimle and Hermana Sheridan, and after we finished teaching them Hermana Steimle told me that when I was bearing my testimony my Spanish got a lot better and she could feel the Spirit. How cool is that?!

So, kind of big news, last Saturday we went proselyting. For real. Elder Paredes and I went out into the streets and starting approaching real people and talking to them about the gospel. We split into small groups and Elder Paredes and I were the first in our group to talk with anyone. We spoke to a man who was out sweeping his driveway and had a conversation with him for about a half hour. It hit me so hard that I'm actually a missionary while we were talking to him! I didn't understand a whole lot, and I didn't say a whole lot. But wow! We talked to two guys who really didn't seem interested at all when we approached them, but by the end seemed very interested, asked us for pamphlets, and asked us where the church was and what time it was at. Cool! We also talked to one other guy, and I literally couldn't understand one single word that came out of his mouth. So that was interesting. It was a scary night! I actually felt pretty discouraged afterwards because of how much I struggled with the language, and how far out of my comfort zone approaching random people is (even in English), but that's what practice is for I s'pose. Tomorrow we're going out again. For five and a half hours. Whoa. I'm excited and super nervous. It'll be good though.

You know what scripture I love? D&C 75:24. Check it:

 24 Behold, I say unto you, that it is the duty of the church to assist in supporting the families of those, and also to support the families of those who are called and must needs be sent unto the world to proclaim the gospel unto the world.

Kinda my favorite thing right now. My family will be okay while I'm out here. I love that.

My teachers are great. We have three. Hermano Romero, Hermano Garcia, and Hermana Boza. They're all awesome. Hermano Romero and Garcia remind me of Mario and Luigi. Speaking of video games, the birds here sound like Zelda sound effects. Okay random. Elder Hickey brought up how awesome it will be when we get back and there will be two whole new seasons of Family Guy to watch. Haha. So true! Also two seasons of Clone Wars! It's gonna be so weird to get back and see what's new. It's like time traveling two years into the future, except it takes two years to get there.

Anyway, I gotta get going. I've been marking my scriptures like crazy these days. I highlight missionary scriptures in blue. I have a ton of them. Here's a few random ones. I don't even know which ones these are, so maybe they say the same thing, but whatever. Maybe I'll send a few each week.

Matthew 28:19-20
Mosiah 3:20
D&C 42:14

Maybe those are good ones. Who knows. Well, I gotta go! Thanks for everything! Hearing from you guys even if it's stupidly delayed was the best! I'll e-mail again on Wednesday! (hopefully)


(Ditder is what Jacqueline used to call Victor before she learned to pronounce his name correctly -- it sort of stuck as a nickname.)

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