Monday, October 10, 2011

First e-mail from Peru!!

Sorry it's taken me a few days to post this.  We received this e-mail on Thursday, just hours after his arrival in Peru. I had read on some other missionary blogs about the Peru MTC buzz cuts, but forgot to warn him... I can't wait to get pictures someday!  -- Victor's Mom

Hey!! I´m now officially in Lima Peru!

This is a spanish keyboard and its confusing the crap outta me so Im just gonna not use the appropriate punctuation. Yeah.

Yesterday was pretty boring to say the least. Airports and flying all day. Cool. Saying goodbye to my district in Provo was no fun. P.S. I still dont think I can send pictures. You might just have to wait until November, assuming I can ever figure it out once I leave the MTC! Also you cant send me packages here, and Im pretty sure all mail has to be sent by pouch. I dont know. Im so confused in this place. Its like Im in a totally different country or something. So yesterday I got up extra early with Elders Hickey and Matagi to go to the travel office to get our tickets. Elder Matagi was on an earlier flight, so he left before us, and Elder Hickey and I just sat and waited outside for an hour until it was our turn. I slept on the short ride to the Provo airport. We got assigned travel partners. Mine was Elder Marker whos now one of my roommates. When we got to the airport for some reason our tickets had been cancelled so they had to make some calls and try to get it fixed. I thought we might have to stay in Provo, but I didnt mind the thought of that so I didnt worry. At the last second they got us new tickets on an earlier flight, and all the sudden we were in a huge rush. Luckily, we were in such a hurry that the guy behind the counter didnt even care that one of my bags was way too heavy. Uh, cool I guess? So we hurried and got on the plane to Atlanta. To entertain myself on the flight I played two of my favorite CDs from start to finish... In my head! Haha. I sure miss my music. When we got to Atlanta we headed to the restroom and when I got in there I heard "Hemsley!" from the familiar voice of Elder Matagi. So that was cool to see him. Guess what my last meal in the United States was?... McDonalds! Duh! Large 10 piece nugget combo with a quarter pounder. Mmmm... So much better than MTC food, and so appropriate as my last meal in the country.

I almost called home from the airport. Most of the missionaries did. But I decided not to because es no bueno to breako the ruleso. Im trying to be obedient! The second flight lasted forever. I was sitting directly in front of a big TV screen that played movies the entire time. X-men First Class was on, and it was awesome... except just kidding because I didnt watch it! Nobody would have cared if I did, but I just didnt feel good about it. Im a missionary, and people could see me. I want to be doing what Im suposed to be doing. So literally the entire flight I was either looking down or trying to sleep. Actually, mostly trying to sleep. The TV was right in front of my face though. Stop tempting me! Driving to the MTC last night was pretty fun. It was around midnight and it was cool to see the city at night.

Now Im in the MTC and it freaking scares the crap outta me. Seriously! Last night we got in and some guy was trying to give us directions on what we were suposed to do and Im just standing there like I have no idea what hes saying. Because I didnt. The rules here are way different than in Provo. Theyre more lax about some things, and more strict about others. I feel like I joined the millitary. Seriously we even all had to get buzz cuts. Wasnt expecting that! We got interviewed by the MTC president today (and I really like him. Hes from the U.S. and speaks English so talking to him was a breath of fresh air) and the first thing he told me was that hes going to get rid of the dumb haircut rule. Hes a new MTC president so he still hasnt phased out all the dumb rules he doesnt agree with from the last president. I mean come on its actually against missionary rules to have our hair this short. This culture is different, and I guess the last president just didnt really care about missionary rules. Whatever. See, this is weird! Im scared!

Here we have two companions. A Latino companion and a North American one. I dont know who my North American companion is yet, and... I dont remember my Latino companions name! haha. Hes not with me. Were not always together here. I think how it works is I go to Spanish classes n stuff with my North American comp and do all the rest with my Latino comp. Today we pretty much have the day off though, and my Latino comp still has regular classes, so I havent seen much of him yet. Hes really nice though! I just wish I could communicate better with him!

Okay well, thats about it I guess. Im super tired and Im going to take the first nap of my entire mission after I send this! Im excited! It really bugs me how Im not using apostraphes in this e-mail. Sorry!

Anyway, this is the weirdest experience of my life. Its gonna take a lot of getting used to. I hope itll be a good one though. Ive been here less than a day so I dont have much to tell you about it. I think Wednesday is our p-day so Ill talk to you again then!

I hope we can figure out this mail thing. Pouch mail sounds kind of... dumb.

I love you and now I miss you all more than ever! I just really cant wait to get out of this MTC. I liked Provo better. Eh.

Until next time!

-Elder Hemsley
P.S. look what I can type now! ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

Youre jealous.

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