Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bonus letter from Victor! He's on his way to Peru right now!!!


Apparently I scored a bonus p-day today since it's my last day here. Cool! I still went to class though because I wanted to see Brother Goodman one last time. I'm gonna miss him! Sister Roerig too. Said goodbye to her last night. No fair.

Thanks for all the mail! Still getting a lot more than I expected. I love it. The letters I got last night were cracking me up. Especially Jacqueline's. You guys are the best.

So, General Conference at the MTC was pretty cool! Lots and lots of sitting around all day in uncomfortable chairs though. Not quite as fun as sitting at home on the couch in my pajamas with a pillow and blanket and a delicious cinnamon roll, but it was fun. Two Provo temples, eh? When President Monson announced that the entire gym gasped. It was kind of funny. Wasn't it awesome how he announced it? He's just all "The Provo Tabernacle burned down, and we're going to rebuild it... AS A TEMPLE." Haha. It was very cool. Kinda neat that I was in Provo when that happened. Now Provo is going to have two wierd looking temples! Except the Tabernacle looks kind of awesome.

There were so many good talks this conference! Jeffrey R. Holland's talk during the Priesthood session was like... whooooa. That was sooo good! Everyone should go watch it even if they are not priesthood holders. Don't read it. Watch it. The way he speaks makes the whole talk. So powerful. So good. President Eyring's talk on our baptismal covenants ruled. I want to watch that one again. Every time Monson spoke was awesome. How is our prophet so funny? He had me cracking up every time he spoke! Especially during Priesthood session. I thought it was awesome how Russell M. Nelson started out by mentioning the first stake formed in Russia and thanking the missionaries there for their work. Go Mitchell!! Also a couple speakers mentioned Peru. Neato. One of my favorite things was when J. Devn Cornish spoke and said that Heavenly Father loves us so much that the things that are important to us become important to him just beacuse he loves us so much. Isn't that the coolest? The answer is yes.

Anyway, Conference pretty much ruled. I'm really glad I got to be here in the MTC for Conference. Such a cool experience. We had a fireside Sunday night and our speaker was Chad Lewis who played in the NFL for the Eagles. What does that mean to me? Nothing. But maybe someone who's reading this will think it's cool. He was a great speaker though and got me so excited to get out into the mission field! These next six weeks can't go fast enough! After that we watched the movie The Testaments. Not the biggest fan of that movie, except the ending scene gets me every time. Here's a basic rundown of church movies: Legacy is the worst. I've always hated it. It's boring and the acting is horrible and I just do not like it. The Testaments is not very good either, but the ending is just amazing. That scene makes the whole movie worth it. Well, not really. That scene makes watching that scene and skipping the rest of the movie worth it. Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration is the best and I love it and I wanna watch it over and over. Except the original cut that was shown in Salt Lake and that we have on DVD is way better than the new cut that's on, which is what we watched. Anyway that was kind of random but we've watched all of those since being here.

Yesterday was just kind of an awesome day. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was just a lot of fun. Played a great game of volleyball with the district, got a bunch of pictures, and got lots of great mail! I was very happy yesterday. Today is packing and letter writing. And then Devotional! I'm excited! Yesterday I also ran into Kyle Lovstedt (Okay honestly I have no idea how you spell his name) who was in my ward in Rexburg and lived right next door to us. I had no idea he was here! So that was cool. He's going to Russia... I think. I don't know which mission though.
So the talk of the town here at the MTC is about how everyone in Eugene 3rd Ward gets into bike accidents except for my dad. Funny how news spreads. Maybe I'm lying. I don't even know.

Uh I guess I still want my plaque scripture to be D&C 25:12. I dunno, that other one I talked about last time (the real one) is awesome too. But... stick with 25:12 I s'pose. I'm going through music withdrawals here! Even though we sing about 29 trillion hymns per hour here.

That's soo rad that Becca Horton is going to Brazil!! Coolest thing. Thanks for keeping me updated. And also awesome that Elyse is studying in Israel! I had no idea. I'm kind of glad my letters are being read all the way in Israel too. Haha. I sure know some cool people.

Anyway, that's about it. I gotta get ready to leave the country for the next two years of my life. I'm with Elder Matagi and he says "hi" to the Elder Hemsley fan-club. This time I'm serious when I say the next time I talk to you I'll be in Peru. I wasn't expecting this bonus p-day. I just found out about it this morning!

I miss you all and I'm gonna miss this place. And by "this place" I mean the United States, and not Utah. Woo! Talk to you... whenever my p-day is in Peru.


Elder Victor Paul Hemsley

I would totally go by my full name if I was an apostle.

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