Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"I'm getting transferred! TODAY!"


Interesting weekend we had. Saturday night we got a surprise phone call from the ZLs. I'm getting transferred! TODAY. I'm mega rushed and trying to pack and get everything ready because in a few hours I gotta be outta here! So, we'll see if I can organize my thoughts well enough to write a decent e-mail.

Well, this week we had a meeting with the bishopric to talk about everything that’s going on here in Picsi. The meeting was really helpful. Now the bishopric knows how things are and what things they can do to help. One change: The regular Sunday school class is now being changed to Gospel Principles, for everyone. So the members can learn the basics and gain a better understanding and a testimony. I like it. Also, they're gonna try to get the young women we have here involved with the young women’s program in the Lopez Albujar ward. There is no YW organization here, or any other organization. Also like it. They might assign members from Chiclayo to speak occasionally in sacrament meetings in Picsi. Another good idea. And the bishopric is now going to meet with us regularly to see how we can help this struggling group. Sounds good to me! Good ideas. Also, when we went to the meeting we got there first and accidentally set the alarm off in the church which was a super loud siren that went off for like 15 minutes before we were finally able to borrow someone's cell phone and call our ZLs to ask them how to shut the alarm off. Haha. Oops. After that a drunk guy got mad at us for making so much noise.

This week I also finished reading the New Testament! Yesterday actually. Pretty sw33t I think. Understood a ton more this time. I suppose that's why its good to read the scriptures often...

Uhh... what else... Oh yeah! Didja know that now in the mish there are Sister leaders? Basically they get to do some of the stuff that district leaders do, like go on splits with the other missionaries and see how they're doin' and stuff, but with the sister missionaries. Pretty neat.

Last night the members threw together a makeshift goodbye party type deal real quick for me. Most of the members and even some investigators came to say goodbye to me. It was really sad! I hate goodbyes! What was especially sad for me was that Alfredo and Carolina were there (The family that the members are coming together to help have a better life and get a real house.). Alfredo thanked me so much and so sincerely for everything we've done for him. He said, "because of you, we're here" and that he and his family would stay strong and faithful. That hit me pretty hard. Carolina was crying, a lot. I didn't realize just how much of an affect we were having on these people. As much as the people in Picsi drove me crazy, I'm gonna miss them!

Anyway, I did get a big ol' pile of mail this week. That made me happy! Wondering how Bryn's prom went. Still think it's nuts that prom was in April this year.

Oh! Sunday is Mother's Day!! I get to talk to you guys sooon!! Except, because I'm getting transferred, I can't make plans to talk to you yet, because I don't even know where I'm going to be! But, somehow it'll all work out. I hope you have most of Sunday free, because I dunno when I'll be able to call! Possibly I will be able to call on Saturday for just a couple minutes just to set a time and tell you if I'll be able to call with Skype or not (depending on where I go, the internet might not be able to handle skype!! But we're kinda lucky, because if I stayed in Picsi the internet for sure would have been too slow...)

So, I'm excited to talk to you soon! I gotta go get ready to move out of Picsi! I hate packing! My bags are SO full it’s stupid! And they weigh like 800 jillion pounds! I hope you're cool with paying extra for my overweight luggage when I come home. Haha. Sorry! But I'll throw some stuff out before I come home!

Alright, see ya! Miss ya! And I also miss Star Wars!

-Elder Hems

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