Monday, June 17, 2013

"I'm getting a new comp tomorrow. It will most likely be my last companion, so I'm excited, and nervous at the same time!"

Dude I just got a super short haircut on accident. Well, I wanted it short, but it’s shorter than I expected. At least this guarantees that I will not have to cut my hair again for the rest of my mission.

Anyway, I TOTALLY FORGOT AGAIN THAT FATHER'S DAY WAS COMING UP!! I seriously thought it was going to be next weekend! Well, that's two years in a row that I've messed up on that. Being back in the States should make it easier to remember next year. But, happy Father's Day, Dad! Even though it’s late. Still think it’s not fair that we don't get to call home for Dad Day, but whatever. I swear that was the last Father's Day that I won't talk to you.

Luckily, remembering that I forgot Father's Day, also reminded me that Mom's birthday is in a few days, and just so I don't repeat the same mistake two weeks in a row, Happy Birthday Mom!! Next year I should be home for your birthday. I'm still pretty convinced that I don't want to stick around in Rexburg during the Spring. But, we'll see.

Well, this was a pretty good week. But, tomorrow is transfer day, and my companion is getting transferred! He's pretty mad about it. He hasn't been the most fun person to be around today. He doesn't want to leave. So, I'm getting a new comp tomorrow. It will most likely be my last companion, so I'm excited, and nervous at the same time! I'll let you know what's up next week.

First off, Herbert! I told you about him the other week. The guy we invited to get baptized on the 22nd. He told us he'd think about it. We visited him on Wednesday and had another good lesson like always. We had a ward activity that night and invited him to come, and so he came with us! At the end of the activity, I was off talking to another one of our investigators who was there, and Herbert was talking to my companion. He said to Elder Trochez "remember how you told me that if I prayed I would feel ready to be baptized on the 22nd? Well, I did, and I feel ready." WHAT?! So, my companion asked "so, does that mean you feel like you received an answer from God?" He replied, "Yes. I want to be baptized on the 22nd." So, that's kind of the RADDEST THING EVER. Except, for some reason he didn't come to church yesterday. Still not sure why, but we're gonna visit him a whole bunch this week to get him ready for his baptism. If not this weekend, then probably the next. Either way, awesome. Herbert is seriously a golden investigator. He told us that since he's been praying, reading, and coming to church more frequently, he feels like there's been a big change in his life, and in his family. He said he's been praying a lot that his dad would stop drinking, and he said his dad hasn't been drinking for over a week and that his dad's relationship with his mom has been better because of it. Herbert recognizes the Spirit like few people do, and he is so ready to become a member of Christ's church. He's the best.

Thursday was a good day! Up til Thursday, the week had gone a little slow. We had a good amount of lessons that day (still struggling a bit to have lessons, but this past week was the week I've had most lessons since I've been in Cajamarca!). Plus, that morning I remembered how to play Stay Together for the Kids on the guitar, so that was fun. Hehe. Had some really good visits that day. One with a lady who's daughter told us that she's been hiding from us every time we come to her house, but we actually found her this time and had a good ol' lesson about prophets 'n stuff like that. On Thursday I had a baptismal interview with this 19 year old girl named Hanais. I don't like interviewing people, and especially not girls, so I was kind of nervous about it. But I prayed that I would be able to follow the Spirit and that it would go alright. She was a little bit sad and stressed. She had had a really hard day and a really hard week. I did my best to make her feel comfortable and make her feel good about her decision to be baptized. As I started talking to her I realized how amazingly strong this girl's faith is. I was really surprised. She gave amazing answers to all the questions, and I was bearing my testimony all over the place to help her feel good about her decision. Well, she was super ready for baptism. No problems. She's been making a huge effort to live gospel standards and to follow Christ. She's 19 but told me that for most of her life she's lived alone, without her family, and that she feels like in the Church she's finally found a family. Pretty cool person. Got baptized on Saturday.

I also had fun this week reading Mike Allred's Golden Plates comics that you sent me a while back. That was a fun change of pace from reading pure scriptures for the past two years. Every missionary I've shown those comics to think they're like the coolest thing ever. Haha. They are pretty awesome. Though it made me want to read more comics and less scriptures. Luckily, that's not an option for me, because all I have here are scriptures! Comics can distract me when I get home.

Oh dewd I compared Peruvian and United Statesian 7Ups this week, and, like Sprite, I didn't really prefer one over the other. I did notice a difference, but it wasn't big enough for me to care. But still, Coke in Peru is so much more delicious than back home. That makes me sad. Oh! PS, if you ever find Inca Kola in the States, but it says "The Golden Kola" on the can, that's not real Inca Cola. Well, it's really similar, but it's not the same. It's not what I've been drinking for the past two years. Its an Americanized version that tastes like a mix of Inca Kola and cream soda. Still good, but, not the real thing.

You know what I don't like?! Church starts at 8:00 here for no reason! Or, I dunno if that's normal back home, but here in Peru, it usually starts at 9:00, unless there are multiple wards meeting in the same building. Which there aren't here. So I dunno why it starts at 8:00. I mean, it doesn't matter that much for me, since I still have to get up at 6:30, but still, it gives us less time to get ready, and it’s early. I miss 11:00 church back home.

Oh yeah and last night the ZLs came over for dinner beause Elder Thomson is getting transferred, and Hermana Celia made us pizza again! So good!! The end.

That's pretty much my list of highlights of the week. You know what else is really awesome? This old Ensign article (or Liahona article... what's the difference even?) from a long time ago, that I read a few months back but I just remembered it. It's called "Four Peruvian Versions of the White God Legend". Pretty fun article considering I live in Peru these days and I hear stuff about these weird legends. Basically, there's a Peruvian tradition that a whole long time ago a white God descended from the heavens and appeared to the ancient people of Peru. Well, actually, basically every country in Latin American believes some variation of this legend. So, pretty much, that's exactly what happens in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is so true! Go check it out. It's a fun read:

Alright, that's all I got this time. I'm using a computer that won't recognize my memory card so I can't send any photos right now. But maybe if I can I'll try to send you some from another computer later. More likely, I'll send some next week instead. I barely have any new photos anyway...

Okay bye I miss you a lot I like you guys I hope you're all good and stuff and that summer is fun and stuff. HOLY CRAP BRYN GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL?!??!??!?!??!?!

-Elder Hemsley

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