Monday, January 2, 2012

"My new companion is Elder Choc and he's megatasticly awesomatical!"

Oh hi I'm Victor.

Whoa! New stuff this week. Including the last digit of the year. Now this is podracing!

Please excuse every dumb thing I say that doesn´t make sense.

Well. I'm without Elder Despain now. Obviously last week I was a little bit stressed out (a lot) about this change. When I would teach people with Elder D he would be talking to the people and I would have no idea what was going on and then he'd look at me or do something to signal that it was my turn to speak and I'd just sit there and be like "uhh... yo quiero Taco Bell... one Baja Blast without ice please?..." and then Shel would walk in and yell into the Taco Bell kitchen "BEAN BURRITO NO ONIONS!"... Okay this e-mail is starting off really... good... But yeah, I didn't feel ready at all. So yeah Tuesday Elder D went off to Chiclayo and I went to Chepén for the night and most of the next day to be with Elder Ruiz, who's one of my Zone Leaders who was also getting a new companion. Elder R is pretty radtastic. He's from Lima. So I got to spend a day proselyting with him in a different city which was fun, and a nice breath of fresh air. There were actually some trees in Chepén, so that was cool. Hardly any, but more than in Pacasmayo. The best part of that night was that I got to take a real shower for the first time in over a month! IT FELT SO GOOD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Yeah, still don't have running water. This is a little ridic.

So Wednesday evening Elder R and I got our new companions. My new companion is Elder Choc and he's megatasticly awesomatical! And he's from freaking Springfield Oregon!!


Even cooler, he's from Guatemala! I dunno where but Mommy you should tell me what part of Guatemala you used to live in. He's seriously way way cool. He doesn't know a lot of English, so that's new for me. He's 23 years old, he's been out on the mish for 14 months, and he's been a member of the church for four years. Dang! All these recent convert Latin missionaries are such inspirations to me! Anywayz I was mega freaking out about getting a new comp and sucking at Spanish but I feel like overnight my Spanish improved sooo much. Just wanna throw it out there that any time I'm feeling down or I really need some help that my best bud Heavenly Father gives me what I need every single time I ask for His help. Every prayer always gets answered. It's the coolest thing ever. I went from honestly really depressed on Monday and Tuesday to feeling great and much more confident overnight. I've been pretty much directing the area for the past few days, which is super weird. I'm all the sudden the one who knows everything about Pacasmayo. I'm leading him to all the investigators' and members' houses,and showing him around and making most of the decisions 'n stuff. It hit me pretty hard the other day how weird it is that I'm doing this when Elder Choc is the fluent Spanish speaking who's been a missionary for over a year and I'm just the dumb newb who doesn't know the language and hasn't even finished his training. But I'm def getting a little extra help from above. The other day Elder Choc proved to me how awesome he was when we were eating dinner and he was like "what kind of food do you like to eat in the States?" and I said something like "uh, I dunno... pizza... burgers... spaghetti..." and then he was like "do you like Taco Bell?"... UHH YES I DO. "Yeah, me too" he said. We can be friends. And then the next day he told me about how he'd sometimes used to stay up all night playing Nintendo 64 (Nintendo Sesenta y Cuatro in these parts) which reinforced his coolness to me. Even more this morning when he started talking about Super Mario 64 which is one of the greatest things on this planet. So yeah, my new companion rules. Someday I'll send you a picture of him but we never know which internet cafes will have good comps to send pictures and this one doesn't.

Oh yeah, when I was in Chepén I finished my first journal! I've never filled up an entire journal before in my life! Usually back home I only wrote in my journal like once every six months and then I'd write more during the summer to remember my sw33t vacations. Mostly I wrote in my journal at EFY. I have my last three years at EFY very thoroughly documented. Well, not really. Mostly it says stuff like "today Tyler and I drank a ridiculous amount of Mountain Dew" or "today Hunter and I drank a ridiculous amount of Mountain Dew" or "today James and I drank a ridiculous amount of Mountain Dew" or "today Hunter and I snuck Tyler into the dance and it was super fun and Tyler got chased down by like four counselors and it was Hilarious City and I almost got busted but whatever because Mountain Dew." Except I didn't write in my journal a single time this past summer. I didn't even write about getting my mission call. So... yeah. But I'm on to journal #2 so that's awesome.

I got your Christmas package this week! Yesterday actually. Our Zone all came to Pacasmayo for New Years Day and my Zone Leaders brought me the package. Dang, you guys are the coolest! STAR WARS LOLLIPOPS AND SUPER MARIO GUMMIES TASTE SO MUCH BETTER THAN REGULAR LOLLIPOPS OR GUMMIES. And you guys got me awesome presents that I'll receive when I get back. A part of me died inside knowing that Sam got me the new blink album. But it's okay, because I'm doing something cool. The Zone reunion was kinda fun. It got dumb though because we started playing signs. You know that game where everyone has a signal and you pass your signs around in a circle without the person in the middle seeing you? Every time I'm with a group of people and we decide to play signs I want to run myself over with a tractor. Signs is what you play when you have absolutely nothing else to do. Except it's more boring than doing nothing, so you should never play it. Haha.

This Wednesday Elder Choc has to go to Chiclayo for District Leading training so I might go on splits with two brand spanking new North American missionaries. So yeah, none of us know this language, so that'll be interesting.

P.S.: Thanks so much for sending me all these updates from my friends on missions! Always love reading what Mitch is up to in Russia. Nothing gets me quite as excited about what I'm doing as reading Porter's letters from the Philippines as he explains his experiences starting out his mission in a weird place. It's so similar to what I'm experiencing yet so different too. That Elder Porter Long is one of the coolest dudes I know. And it sure was fun seeing him at the MTC too. Mail is fun. Yesterday I got a letter from November 6th. So... yeah, the mail system rules. The fam Christmas card was awesome! I picked out a couple choice quotes that I especially liked:

"Oh, yeah, why do we have a new (used) car? Er... Victor kind of totaled our minivan as a parting gift before leaving for Peru. Ugh!"

Haha, thanks family. That van ruled. Minivans 4 lyf.

"Greg still works with the young men in the Eugene Stake and is also newly serving on the High Council, which Victor thinks is kinda cool because it reminds him of Star Wars."

Hahahaha. Yes. My dad has the most Star Warsiest calling in the entire church. So awesome. Second Star Warsiest calling is probably Prophet.

Well, time is running out. I'm feeling quite a whole lot happier this week that I did last week. Thanks for all your prayers that are helping me to experience so many miracles in my life all the time out here as I'm adjusting to a really different way of living. I love you all the way to the forest moon of Endor and back!

I leave you with one last quote I particularly like from my dear pal Mr. Elder Mitchell Paul:

"Never don't study the scriptures."

K bye you're cool.

-Elder Victor

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